A janky way to see who's here

This site is a demo of how to see what Glitch users visit your site. It works by embedding a Glitch project's editor. Here's a sample project's editor right now:

A tidier website could tuck that embedded editor off somewhere out of sight. We're showing it prominently here to demonstrate how this works.

See how you show up in the top left? Your status there is visible to other viewers, including the one running on this project's server side. This project sees that and takes note that you visited, along with when.

(This might break if the undocumented editor API changes. Or if this project exceeds some undocumented rate limit. Or if Glitch stops making embedded editors work this way. Like if they decide this is bad for privacy or something.)

Here are a few entries from the past (most recent on top). You'll show up here too after you connect to the embedded editor.

Click after you connect if you want to see yourself.

Although this lets a website know who's visiting, it doesn't connect an editor session to an HTTP request. It may be possible to do this by embedding the editor at a specific file an cursor position and watching for users moving their cursor to those known locations.